The Musimathics Lab was founded in 2008 by professor Roberto De Prisco, within the University of Salerno. The activities of the laboratory were mainly focused on the realization of projects on the sciences and technologies for music, and on the interdisciplinary research that brings together diverse areas of interest and inquiry.

The goal of the Musimathics Lab is to use Artificial Intelligence, and specifically Computational Intelligence, for the development of music creative systems. Since its fundation, several projects have been realized involving Computational Intelligence techniques such as Neural Network, Evolutionary Computation, Fuzzy Systems, and Swarm Intelligence. Inside the laboratory, students and researchers work together on projects across disciplines as diverse as Visualization, Techno-regulation, Social networks, new models and tools for HCI (Human-Computer Interaction), and DNA Computing. Music, science, and technology interact off one another in an environment designed for collaboration and inspiration.


Professor Roberto De Prisco (Founder, Scientific Director and Responsable)

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Computer Science Department
University of Salerno

Doct. Rocco Zaccagnino, PhD (Scientific Responsable and Team Leader)

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Computer Science Department
University of Salerno