During the development of the various projects, various datasets and musical compositions were created and digitized. These resources are made available online to the scientific community, in order to foster collaboration and the exchange of ideas.

Available online resources


Chorale BWV 11.6, as composed by EvoComposer, score and real execution.
Chorale BWV 6.6, as composed by EvoComposer, for each voice (basso, teno, alto, and soprano) zip file (score and midi files)
Music expert Interview, pdf file


Execution on Pacman game, video
Training phase, video
User guide for the Test experiments, pdf file

Musica Parlata

The links below allow you to download the Musica Parlata Player 2 ( and some sample songs ( In order to use the Musica Parlata Player 2 you need to install Java and Csound first, both included in the software zip file. If you use Musica Parlata we will be very happy if you provide us with feedback or just let us know that you have used the software.

Musica Parlata Player 2 (Windows)
Musica Parlata Player Sample Songs
Video demo (Il gatto e la volpe)
Video demo (giochi proibiti)
Video demo (Bach - minuetto)

Splicing music composition

4-voices music composed by Music splicing composer, zip file (midi files)
Questionnaires used for Test experiments, zip file (pdf files)


Questionnaires used for the Evaluation study, zip file
Questionnaires used for the Usability study, zip file
VisualHarmony tool, zip file (source code, guide, and samples)

Music Plagiarism

The dataset the we make availble here has been constructed starting from the list of plagiarism cases found in the Music Copyright Infringement Resource webpage published by George Washington University Law School & Columbia Law School. We collected scores and midi files from various sources and we manually created the music xml files.
Dataset zip file